Entrepreneur Mastery Day  

Mastery Day

The Entrepreneur Mastery Day provides you with clarity and direction by helping you to create an effective business model with actionable steps to help you achieve the results you desire. On the day, we will create a plan, strategy and system to help with your growth and use innovative tools to help you build a more sustainable business.

The day is split into two parts. The first part looks at you, the entrepreneur, and breaks down the key assets you bring to the business and areas that you will need to refine.

MORNING- Taking Inventory as an Entrepreneur

  • The Goal Poster: to help you set clear objectives and goals for your business
  • SHIE Matrix: an innovative tool used to assess and evaluate your Strengths, Habits, Implementation and Education.
  • Time Grid: an efficient tool to help you manage your time effectively

AFTERNOON- Delving Into Your Business Model

  • Troubleshooting and refining your current business model
  • Creating a plan, strategy and system that enables you generate more quality leads and conversions
  • Creating a 90 plan that will keep you accountable

Entrepreneurs will gain clarity, direction and focus within their business by implementing the tools and resources provided to minimise the trials and errors that many entrepreneurs face. The Entrepreneur Mastery Day will result in you saving time, effort and money giving you back more quality time to invest in areas that you desire. The tools and resources are designed to act as a catalyst to help deliver powerful results that over time will double or triple your income.

*Lunch included

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The Master The Basics Package  

Master Basics School

The Master The Basics Package is an intense and innovative 90-day programme that focuses on developing the entrepreneur’s personal and business acumen. With a dedicated mentor supporting the business owner throughout their 90-day journey and using the Master The Basics book, there will be a higher chance of the entrepreneur saving time, efficiently scaling faster and potentially doubling or tripling their income.

Build the business that you deserve

  • Vision Discovery Day
  • Refinement of their current business model
  • A detailed plan and strategy to help maximise the success of the goals set.
  • Face-to-face meetings to refine business model, plan and strategy (2x 2hrs)
  • 3x 45 minute Skype calls
  • 48hr email responses
  • Weekly texts to check on progress
  • Support planning events
  • Client acquisition training
  • 1x 1hr session with one of our experts

Tools & Resources

  • Master The Basics book
  • Goal poster
  • Weekly pro-forma
  • Business Model Canvas


  • 90 Days Entrepreneurial Academy London VIP Membership
  • The Marketing Motorway: an online marketing tool to help you plan an effective marketing strategy
Having received one to one guidance from our experts you will achieve greater clarity on your business model by understanding, completing and mastering innovative tools such as the Value Proposition Canvas. This will help you connect the dots that will help you create well-informed  goals and ensure you develop the right products for your clients.
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The Ultimate Blueprint Package  


In the Ultimate Blueprint Package you will receive:

  • A dual development programme that refines the individual and business
  • A focused and in-depth analysis of your business model
  • A business that gives you more quality time to invest in other areas of your life
  • Innovative business systems that bring you peace of mind
  • Access to several avenues of funding
  • An accountability partner to work with you throughout your 12-month journey
  • Innovative tools that creates co-creative learning within your team
  • The opportunity to create a product that leaves a legacy

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. How you will feel by the end of the 12 months is where the magic is. This journey is for you if you want to make a difference, make an impact and leave a legacy for the next generation. The Ultimate Blueprint Package is designed to nurture you throughout the 12 months and transform your thinking, business and results. The Ultimate Blueprint Package is intended to empower you to build systems that are automated allowing you to create quality time to spend in other areas of your life.

At Exclusive Visions, we understand that building a successful business can be financially challenging, therefore we work with you, to get you to your sweet spot as quality as possible.

The sweet spot:

The sweet spot is a term we use at Exclusive Visions which defines the 1st objective that all entrepreneurs should strive for when building a successful business.

The criteria of the sweet spot is as follows:

  1. To be able to save for the future
  2. To be able to go on 2 holidays per year
  3. To look after friends and family through quality time and money
  4. To invest in self/business education and development training
  5. To cover all living expenses


The Ultimate Blueprint Package is the jewel of Exclusive Visions. It allows us to work with serious entrepreneurs who want to spend their time, effort and money on refining themselves and their business.

  • Entrepreneur Mastery Day: On this day we will craft out what your business needs are for the 12 months and create plans, strategies and actions to achieve them. (1 full day. Lunch inclusive)
  • Refinement of your current business model
  • 1 face-to-face meeting per month to refine business model, plan and strategy (3hrs)
  • 1 Skype call per month to address any challenges (1hr )
  • 72hr email response
  • Enhance sales training
  • A weekly accountability text to check on progress
  • Support in planning events
  • Client acquisition training
  • Access to all workshops, events and seminars for 12 months
  • An accountability partner to work with along the 12-month journey

Tools & Resources

  • The Master The Basics Book
  • Goal poster
  • Weekly pro-forma
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Lean Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Educational videos
  • List of books for recommended reading
  • 90 days access to an online marketing tool
  • 1hr Self-development Session (with a Development Coach)
  • 1hr Book Creation Consultation (With a Book Journey Mentor)
  • 2 x animated videos to help with Branding and Marketing
  • Professional photo shoot
  • Sweet spot calculator
  • Canvanizer

After completing The Ultimate Blueprint Package and implementing all the knowledge, tools and resources gained you are now equipped to become an influential empowerneur. An empowerneur is an entrepreneur who is confident, has a clear vision and understanding as to how to grow their business, talk to their target market, generate quality leads and convert them so that they can create an impact in their chosen industry.

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