Our Team


Managing Director for Exclusive Visions, Dean Williams is dedicated in his mission to inspire businesses from marginalised groups to develop their economic and personal potential. As Managing Director of Exclusive Visions he provides consistent leadership and direction to the company. He oversees the financial state of the company and ensures a healthy growth of the company. He guides the business in developing new services, customer experience management and creating advocates with an objective of increasing our services for international markets.


Director of ICT Operations for Exclusive Visions, Ian Charles is a co-founder of Exclusive Visions who has helped bring inspiration, ideas, creativity and a vision from its birth. He also provides a great wealth of ICT knowledge and experience from working in different industries such as customer services, sales and finally the education sector. His passion and expertise of over 15 years working in ICT has gained him qualifications, recognition and the capability to train others effectively and efficiently.


Business and Financial Strategist for Exclusive Visions, Kris Foye. He focuses on developing the ideal business strategy for clients as well as preparing financial models for future economic conditions for the business. He brings extensive finance knowledge and experience of raising finance needed for its global expansion projects in the future, assisting clients compete not only in the financial sphere but reach their business goals and creates a variety of methods to source finance. He also oversees and supports the Administration and Communications Department.